Thank you for visiting and taking the journey with getting to know me and my passions. I’m also excited to journey with you as well. My new journey this year will be Living life to the fullest! I turn 49 today and life is escaping, therefore time needs to be my friend not my enemy! Ok here I go dreaming and hoping……… I dream for adventure, fun play, excitement, to feel love and give love more with passion and be fervent for God. Yet another part of my dream is to chill more often by having lazy days, avoid annoying people, and just sit in solitude where I can calm my spirit.  I want to be fit. When I say, “fit” I want to have a strong body, mind and spirit that creates a better posture. I want beauty and elegance. Does it sound like I want it all? I do WANT IT ALL!! When I wake up in the morning I want to be prepared for all that life gives me and I want to do it well! My journey this year will be exploring the “ALL” . So what does that look like? Well  probably felling along the way, wanting to give up, second guessing myself but I refuse to sit on the sidelines. I want to be in the arena that sometimes seems risky and scary. That’s just plain old me or said better, the new me! How about you? Come journey and dream with me:) The worst thing that can happen is that we may laugh along the way.

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