Living life is full of experiences and this is worth sharing! I attended a “Celebration Ceremony of Life” that a good friend had for her husband that just recently transitioned to Heaven with his Father. It was an emotional time for me along with a wonderful moment to witness. It was beautiful to watch the lovely bride dressed in white, of the deceased husband, praising God for His goodness that had been shown to them in their marriage and in the lives of their children. When I say praising, I mean throw hands in the air praising. I know the “world” would want to say that was peculiar and weird. The reality is that the bride knows truth and truth is freeing and causes for praise. She knows her husband’s destiny and she rejoices in knowing it.

Let me make it clear, this couple had no lack of non suffering in their lives. The wife battled breast cancer and other cancer scares along the years and he too suffered with cancer, which ultimately took his life here on earth. This is only what I knew of their struggles and that alone is enough for me.

I left knowing three things about this man, which are pretty significant. He was a faithful servant, he suffered well and he left a Godly legacy to carry out the Great Commission.

Pain is inevitable but it is not your story. I want to be that bride one day that causing other to say, “that is peculiar”. I encourage you to live life that creates a legacy that is radical and peculiar!

That’s all I have for you today and I hope you are blessed, I am!



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