The SoulHealing Circle

A FREE 9-day mini-workshop event | Monday February 24th – March 3rd @ 11am EST

A FREE 9-day mini-workshop event, for the woman who is ready to move from the lingering, often debilitating, effects of trauma in her past, to THRIVING in the present!  

With Betrayal Trauma Specialist Therapist and Holistic Life Coach, Kimberly Owen, and through her proprietary Soul Healing Circle formula of transformational healing pathways founded in brain science, spirituality, holistic health and community, you will learn the exact tools she has successfully implemented with countless clients to navigate your own inner healing journey of soul-deep wounds created by past betrayals and trauma. 

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Join Kimberly Monday February 24th – March 3rd, for this life-changing, content-rich mini workshop to healing your soul within a supportive online community of other women just like you. Through the process you will also learn to embrace, create and transform your personal story, giving you more abundance and freedom in all areas of your life!

Not only will Kimberly be sharing these techniques with you, she will also be sharing her own personal journey of betrayal and her healing journey that has transformed her life.


Come join us and learn how to turn your trauma into triumph!