Hi, my name is Kimberly…

and I help wounded and weary people STAND STRONG from trauma in their lives and relationships. I’m eager to start this journey with you!

Your experience with me will be real and raw producing life changes. I have been married for twenty some years (RIGHT?) and have three amazing children who challenge me in their own unique ways. That being said, I know firsthand the trials that come along with this adventure.

All relationships are an adventure. Mine, and maybe yours, has been risky, messy, painful, and downright exhausting at times. I also know how love and the grace of God make all things new again.

Sometimes we can be stuck in our pain for years and not even realize it. You may see your life being mediocre and stagnate and wonder why this is my story and how do I create a new one! When you step into my space you will feel an environment that is super comfortable and non threatening. We will be focused on building trust in the initial stages of our relationship. 

Trust is a must and when that starts to develop we have created something beautiful together, an authentic transparent communication style that begins the healing process. We will also create a clear plan specifically for your needs. You are not a number to me and I treat you uniquely to your situation.

So why do I do what I do?


Its simple as this, my story needed to be used. I had to get to the heart of my own traumas, so my heart could find joy and be healed to help others. In helping others I wanted to be learn not only from my experiences but clinically as well, so I received my Masters in counseling. I am clinically trained as a Professional Licensed Therapist and allow biblical truth to be woven into our time together. I don’t mind and actually encourage us to go into those dark places so miraculous work can be done.

I practice what I preach, and that is, “have passions in life that promote self care.” I love hanging out with my family, reconnecting with friends, traveling, and trying new restaurants in the area. I am big time foodie, and my latest exercise craze is indoor cycling!


Have passions in life that promote self care.

Get to the heart of the trauma and STAND strong!


With years of experience counseling in State government, pastoral care, and private practice, I offer a diverse perspective on working with a variety of populations. I am extensively trained in trauma-based and relational approaches to achieve wholeness. I have experience in working with couples and family issues, women’s issues – especially trauma, anger, emotional regulation, anxiety and depression.

My specialty is working with clients who are experiencing strained relationships due to crisis, infidelity and betrayal.

I serve my clients with personal attention so I use a variety of approaches, depending on individual needs. I use clinically tested, evidenced-based intervention, and biblically based applications. Weaving these together create a healthy wholeness. To what degree we go with each approach is up to you.


I partnered with Addo, a recovery clinic that is helping individuals and families overcome sexual addiction, betrayal trauma and infidelity in ways that are more effective, more compassionate and dignifying than I have ever found.


  • Certified Betrayal Trauma specialist

  • Certified sex addiction specialist

  • Addo Recovery

  • Clinical training in Gottman couples therapy Level 3 (research based approach to couples therapy)

  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

I feel blessed to have witnessed transformation with many of my clients. Your time with me will be real, honest and filled with a dedication to work hard.

The path to healing will sometimes be uncomfortable, yet necessary. I don’t mind journeying with you in the darkness because I know light will soon surface. Who knows – we might even be able to experience some laughter along the way!


Contact Kimberly

Let's set up a consultation to discuss your needs. Or if you would like more information about my speaking calendar, please send me a message. Either way, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.